Research Defender and Sample Ninja Partnership

The partnership will add a layer of fraud detection tools to Sample Ninja’s panel platform, with a particular focus on the panel recruitment stage.

Research Defender, previously known as SampleChain, was founded in 2018. Its tools and services are used to prevent, among other things, sample fraud and duplication.

Sample Ninja’s panel management software automates the processes involved in managing research panels and panellists.

Tariq Mirza, chief executive and co-founder at Sample Ninja (pictured), said: “Fraud detection alongside panellist quality metrics are the two most important jigsaw pieces of building the best quality panels. This partnership allows complimentary entry point fraud detection initiatives to SampleNinja platform users.”

Vignesh Krishnan, founder and chief executive, Research Defender, added: “We appreciate that Sample Ninja has selected Research Defender as its partner to enable clients to fight sample fraud.”

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