Quality. In Every Aspect.

The SampleNinja platform is designed, at its core, to bring quality and integrity to Panel Management. Whether it is in recruiting, profiling, sampling, rewarding or managing your valuable panel assets, our aim is to be the best.



Full control over recruitment activities and sources through comprehensive reporting.

Track channel spend and activity performance. By knowing more you can control the quality, efficiency and success of your recruitment.

The full range of survey respondent quality detection capabilities are deployed in the initial recruitment process to ensure real people, with real answers are recruited.

Dynamic Profiling


Capture more data points about your respondents each time a panelist returns. Through automated and incremental profiling data capture you can build a robust and comprehensive profile with minimal intrusion and burden for the respondent.

Continuous and automatic data validation of possible out-of-date data points (such as number of children, or household income) ensures you have accurate and relevant targeting data.



Detailed and flexible project set-up that enables complex sample designs easily. Ease of use, clarity of functions and an engaging user experience mean your projects are set up with fewer errors, more detail and more flexibility.

  • Add real-time sampling where hundreds of parameters are evaluated every 10 minutes to determine who to email. Minimizes panellist fatigue and gets in the right sample.
  • Add sample balancing and how clients win with it
  • No more “top off” projects rely on sample balancing and automatic top off features
  • Disqualify folks while a study is running. For example, if you disqualify 100 and do nothing the problem takes care of itself. SN automatically finds 100 more panellists for you



Manage reward program for your customers right from the Ninja panel. Works out of the box with PayPal and Tango card.

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