Save time. Go faster.

Automation and a tech stack that can deal with millions of panellists instantly means you save time and, ultimately, resources.

Project monitoring


Project management dashboards: showing all invitations’ outcomes, response & completion rates, terminations and hour by hour granular detail.

Your management information is immediate, regardless of scale, so you can make speedy decisions that save you time and money.

Automated email and in app notifications


Automated email notifications based upon action thresholds are triggered if response rates, completion rates, overall survey ratings fall below user defined thresholds. Notifications are also sent in real-time if there is insufficient sample available in a project.

These automatic notifications means that the project owner can focus on more important tasks and managing clients rather than having to constantly log into the platform to monitor their running projects.

Blazing fast user interface


Built on the very latest technologies enables desktop like user experience. No page loads means you get things done faster. Sample Ninja uses Google’s Material Design framework for stylish and simple user interface.

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