Security. End to end.

End to end security underpins the premium quality of your panel assets. SampleNinja’s tools are easy to implement, ensure the integrity of your data and allow you to pass on that reassurance to your clients.

Fraud detection


At every point, from the recruitment and profiling data capture to the execution of individual projects fraud detection measures ensure your panellists are real and answering with integrity.

From geo-verification, to suspicious network identification, to completion speed rules – we make it as difficult as possible for bad panelists to begin surveys.

In-survey terminations can be instantly triggered through multiple real-time fraud prevention options

Recruitment validation


The full range of survey respondent quality detection capabilities are deployed in the initial recruitment process to ensure real people, with real answers are recruited.

Security & data privacy protection compliance


Advanced security. Two factor authentication standard. Data encryption at rest and full data privacy compliance including GDPR and CCPA.

HIPAA compliance starting from the Q2 2021

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