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Advanced features at scale

The next generation of Panel Management software is here! SampleNinja comes with an extensive feature set which enables you to efficiently manage all aspects of your market research panel. We built-in all the necessary tools whether you need to recruit, profile, sample and reward your panelists.


The SampleNinja platform is designed, at its core, to bring quality and integrity to panel management.


End-to-end security tools are easy to implement, ensuring the integrity of your data on a level never seen before.


Effortlessly manage multiple panels or sub-panels, at any scale. SampleNinja runs on Amazon Web Services cloud.


Automation and a tech stack that can deal with millions of panellists instantly means you save time and, ultimately, resources.

Advanced panel management tasks. With no page load.

Manage multiple panels at scale and query your panel assets in real time! Our slick new Material Design user interface by Google makes your team more productive – complete advanced panel management tasks in matter of seconds with no page loads.

Recruitment surveys are available out of the box or use the APIs to come up with your custom recruitment process. The use of digital fingerprinting, geo-location checks, dynamic profiling and fraud detection leads to higher data integrity for your panel.

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