Welcome to the new age of market research panel management optimized by AI – where blazing fast samples, panel automation and understanding your ROI is the new normal.

As well as offering the solid core you would expect from any world class panel management tool, SampleNinja enhances the offerings available to take advantage of cutting edge scalable cloud technologies through a clean desktop-like interface.


So what does SampeNinja’s ‘new normal’ look like?

  • SampleNinja offers superfast Precision LiveSampling™.  Even on tens of millions of panelists – Fully automated sampling is defined once to deliver projects to completion without constant resampling and rebalancing which leads to a reduction in costs. The advanced sample balancing allows you to target those hard to research segments with no wasted Sample which in turn helps to reduce the churn and provides better ROI for the overall panel.
  • It is now possible to define comprehensive Sub-Sampling from multiple sub-panels.
  • Automatic Dynamic Profiling offers considerable efficiency within Panelist profiling.
  • SampleNinja believes that next level Security is vital – we offer fully automated machine fingerprinting and geo-location tracking of each panelists which adds to the integrity of the overall panel and also offers intelligent use of Machine Learning to prevent further fraudulent or professional panelists.
  • Sampling feasibility tool is used to establish instant sample feasibility for your clients both internally and externally to unblock unnecessary workflow barriers and time consuming processes,
  • There are many more innovations coming… this is just a snapshot of the new normal.